Mr/Mrs.__________________________________ hereinafter called the leaseholder on the one part and Mr/Mrs_______________________________ hereinafter called the Landlord on the other part,
have concluded the present agreement as follows:

1. Subject of the agreement
1.1. The Landlord leases to the Leaseholder the living accommodation situated____________
2. Order of payment. The period of use is from_________ to___________, _______days. Check in after 14.00, check out at 11.00

2.1. The Leaseholder pays to the Landlord for use a living accommodation the lease payment at a rate of in two stages:
2.1.1. As advance payment the Leaseholder pays 25% of the rent at a rate of _________ dollars
2.1.2. The final payment is made on arrival and is ________ dollars.
2.2. The Leaseholder pays the payment of electric power for eviction on the basis of meter readings.
2.3. The Leaseholder pays in addition interurban and international telephone conversations
2.4. Deposit for the property is _________ dollars and returned to the Leaseholder at the time of eviction, provided safety of property transferred by the Landlord on the move to use.

3. Rights and responsibilities of the parties
3.1.The Leaseholder obligations:
3.1.1.To use the given accommodation in according to its assigning, providing its safety
3.1.2. To use the indicated accommodation, supporting in an appropriate state and not enabling deterioration, damage of engineering and other equipment, including furniture.
3.2. The Landlord responsibility:
3.2.1. To give in use to the Leaseholder the indicated above living accommodation suitable for permanent residence.
3.2.2. The Landlord has the right of periodic inspection of the given accommodation at the agreed time with the leaseholder

4. Force, change and dissolution of the agreement
4.1. The present lease agreement comes into effect at the moment of advance payment
4.2. The lease agreement can be changed under the consent of parties not longer then a week before Leaseholder arrival. in this case the advanced payment do not returns.
4.3. The Leaseholder has the right to terminate the present agreement before an expiration date. in this case no payment will be return.
4.4. In case of dissolution of the lease agreement under the initiative of the Landlord before an agreement term expiration on the basis, Landlord prevents the Leaseholder ten days prior to suspected date of redemption of accommodation, returns advance payment minus payment of time of actual hiring.

5. Responsibility of the parties.
5.1. The disputes relative the present lease agreement are resolved by the parties by mutual negotiations.
5.2. To compensate the Landlord for damage caused by the Leaseholder to the flat or belongings during the hire period stipulated by this agreement.
5.3. Parties are not responsible in case of force majeure.

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